Checklist for EPF withdrawal

The EPF money sometimes proves to be a blessing in disguise when you are in need of some corpus. Usually, people withdraw the EPF money whenever they feel like. However, some fail to receive the EPF money through the normal withdrawal process. The EPFO has recently introduced new PF withdrawal forms for employees for members who have registered UAN. The new process is much easier and the amount is directly credited to the employee’s bank account.

Checklist for EPF withdrawal

Checklist for withdrawal of EPF

Given below are some of the basic things that you need to keep in mind before applying for EPF withdrawal:

Check basic information

Ensure that before you apply for PF withdrawal, all the information updated in the EPFO account is correct. Information such as name, member id, date of birth, date of joining, date of exit, father name, etc. should be updated correctly in your EPF account. It should be verified by your employer. The information can also be checked through the UAN dashboard or even in your EPF passbook. Any misinformation or mismatch in the basic information could result in a failure to receive the PF. For rectification of personal basic detail, you must provide a joint declaration with your employer and attach it along with the EPF withdrawal form.

Attest documents required

All the documents that you send to the EPF must be attested by your employer. The important documents that need to be submitted include the withdrawal form, copy of PAN, copy of passbook, etc. However, the latest EPF withdrawal form allows you the freedom to bypass the employer provided your Aadhaar is linked to the EPF account.

Attach bank account proof

The EPF money is transferred to your bank account upon withdrawal. Therefore, your EPFO account should have your correct bank account details. You are required to submit a proof of your bank account such as a cancelled cheque or a copy of your bank passbook.

Give reason if account is inoperative

If your EPF account is inoperative, you must explain the reason by attaching a letter that states the reason for delay. However, effective 2016-17, no account shall become inactive irrespective of contribution.

Apply after two months of unemployment

EPF withdrawal is only possible before retirement unless your unemployment period has been a minimum of two months. Therefore, you cannot withdraw your EPF soon after you quit your job. Ensure you wait for two months before applying for EPF withdrawal or the form may get rejected.

Attach copy of PAN and Form 15G/15H

If the EPF amount is above Rs.50,000, it is mandatory to submit the copy of your PAN card. If PAN card is unavailable, you can also furnish Form 15G/15H.  If you do not submit a copy of your PAN, TDS is deducted at a higher rate.

Sing on the form

Do not forget to put your signature on the EPF withdrawal form without which it is considered invalid.

In case of extra contribution, explain

Any extra contribution in your EPF account even after you leave your job, requires an explanation. You are expected to explain in a letter about the circumstance under which any extra contribution was made towards your EPF account.

Your bank account should be active

The EPF amount cannot be deposited in an inoperative or dormant account, therefore, your account should be active at the time of application.

Updated mobile number of form

The EPF withdrawal form should have your updated mobile number so that the EPFO can contact you in case of any discrepancies. It is also important for receiving claim settlement status through SMS.

UAN on PF withdrawal form

It is mandatory to mention the UAN on PF withdrawal form, therefore it is important you check that it is present on the form when you apply.

There is also a checklist that the employer must follow when they forward the EPF withdrawal application of the employee:

  • Verify the Form 9 and ensure it is updated with the EPFO.
  • All details of the member must match with the information on Form 9.
  • Provide an authorised signature to the EPFO.

There are many other details that must be verified and rectified from the employer’s end.

Before following all the steps in the checklist, be sure of the decision to withdraw your EPF as it is a retirement corpus that might take time to rebuild if withdrawn earlier.


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