Recap on HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates for the year of 2014

HDFC Personal Loans are the most preferred in the market for its speedy one minute approval, special offers for HDFC account holders, special offers for women customers, simple documentation and instant online approval as well.

Advantages of HDFC personal loan

  • One minute loan approval for any in principal personal loan

  • Attractive offers for women customers and even first time applicants

  • Also get accident cover along with critical illness

  • Loan transfer with just 299 rupees flat fee and just 12.99 percent interest rate

HDFC Personal Loan for Women

You can get up to 3 lacs of HDFC personal loan that too on a pre-approved basis. Any one aged from 21 to 60 years of age and with a total experience of 2 years and at least one year with current employer is eligible with a take home salary of just 12,000.

personal loan interest rates

HDFC personal loan interest rates

HDFC Personal Loan interest Rates

For Salaried applicants

  • At a rack interest rate of 15.75 percent to 20 percent

Processing charges

From a minimum of just 1,000 rupees to a limit of 25,000 at 2.5 percent

Early closure Charges

  • No early payment or closure allowed until first 12 months of loan tenure

  • 4 percent of the balance loan amount in case of 13 months to 2 years

  • 3 percent of the balance loan amount in case of 25 months to 3 years

  • 2 percent of the balance loan amount in case of more than 3 years

Other Charges

  • Penalty charges of 24 percent p.a. from the date of loan non-payment

  • No charges for changing from fixed to floating interest rate or vice-versa

  • 200 rupees for the loan amortization chart with the monthly interest and premium details

  • 500 rupees in case of cheque swapping

  • No charges for credit assessment

  • As per state tax laws stamp duty and other charges applicable

  • No charges for loan cancellation but interest must be paid from the date of loan amount is disbursed till the date of cancellation

  • 550 rupees penalty for cheque bounce

  • 50 rupees for credit information report

  • Also included are service tax, government tax and other fees or charges as and when applicable at the prevailing time

Other Features and Benefits

  • Get loans without much hassle

  • You do not need any guarantor or security or any collateral

  • Get a maximum of 15 lacs loan amount

  • apply personl loan online

    apply personl loan online

    Door step service

Do net get irked by the high interest rates and the numerous charges of the HDFC Personal Loan. On the positive side, HDFC personal loans are one of the fastest and easiest to avail. The best part is if you are an existing customer and have a good credit score you can surely negotiate a good rate of interest and get speedy loan approval.

Only thing to keep in mind is to make sure you have a proper, systematic and methodical way of paying a personal loan or you are availing the loan surely for an important purpose. On the other side if you are curious to know about the high interest rates and charges, the reason is that this is an un-secured loan and the bank is taking the risk of giving you the loan assuming that you would repay.