DCB Personal Loan Benefits and Options

DCB Personal Loan is specifically targeted towards making dreams take a real shape for its customers and nowhere else you would find so many loan options under the banner, each designed to make cash acquirement easy and quick for the borrowers.

One can apply for a personal loan online on Bankbazaar.com in simple steps and repay the same in easy EMIs.

Income Vantage, Express Vantage, Transfer Vantage and Proxy Vantage are the 4 personal loan choices that the bank has to offer its customers. Loan amounts ranging from INR 50,000 to 10, 00,000 are available, with flexible repayment tenures extending over 1 year (minimum) to 5 years (maximum).

DCB Personal Loan Benefits

  • Personal loans from  DCB, first and foremost, are created to make the customers realise that they have a reliable advantage at hand to fulfil their dreams; thus the suffix ‘vantage’ is attached to every option.
  • The rate of interest charged for every loan option remains fixed through the loan tenure and is quite affordable in comparison to many others in the market.
  • Repayment of the loan can be done through equated and easy monthly instalments.
  • For salaried employees who are taking a personal loan, the option to add a co-borrower is available, which can extend your borrowing capacity.
  • The loan processing charge is moderate – 2.50% of the sanctioned amount.

DCB Personal Loan Options

Income Vantage

As the name implies, just presenting your income proof, i.e. your salary slip can entitle you to this genre of personal loan.

Express Vantage

This is a loan formulated especially for salaried employees of certain preferred companies, and for corporate employees too.

DCB Personal Loan

Development Credit Bank Personal Loan

Transfer Vantage

Getting a personal loan to settle credit card dues is not uncommonly seen in the finance world. DCB Personal Loan also provides you with this special facility under the Transfer Vantage hood whereby you can relocate your card balance like a loan and pay it back through EMIs.

Proxy Vantage

This is a made-to-order loan where presenting your income papers is not a mandate if certain conditions are satisfied.


How to apply for a Citibank personal loan online?

Most of the times when we are applying for a personal loan it invariably means that we are in dire need of money. Therefore in such times, I am not sure how many of us would have the patience to go about all the formalities. Off course money is of topmost priority but in the urgency to avail the loan we should be careful enough to avoid any pitfalls that could only worsen our situation.

As they say, you cannot be an expert in everything, similarly you need not worry about the procedure of applying for a Citibank personal loan online. On the positive there are a lot of tele callers and third parties who help you apply for a personal loan. However you must be careful that most of them are either under severe selling pressure and are just interested in meeting their sales targets. In the process they can short change or even cheat you by enrolling in fraudulent schemes.

citi bank personal loan

citi bank personal loan

Keeping in the mind the shortage of money, time and resources, I would suggest you to go for the site called bankbazaar.com. Unlike other sites who sell only a few handful of policies or a particular company’s loan products, BankBazaar does not promote any particular loan type or a company.

The process is very simple and in case of entering any wrong details you need not worry. The website has a good customer service and they call you back almost within 24 hours and makes sure you get all the support.

One of the important things while applying for a personal loan is that banks require a whole lot of documents and complete information about your finances. BankBazaar ensures that your personal application is filled correctly and they also enquire about your other loans or liabilities. This means you get a first-hand screening of your personal application and that too without any embarrassment. Simply, because banks do not have the time to look into personal loan application and in most cases they are rejected because of incomplete information or in appropriate application.

By going through BankBazaar for your Citibank personal loan, you already know the exact loan you will get, all the forms are duly filed and in most cases the loan is instantly approved if applied through BankBazaar.

Since banks have already made a tie up with the BankBazaar, as a part of their mutual agreement BankBazaar processes the application with all the formalities. This is the reason for the speedy approval of your loan.

apply for personal loan online

apply for personal loan online

Now, you must be wondering whether all these services cost you? Absolutely NO. BankBazaar does not charge for anything. All of their services are completely free of cost and you need not worry about them short changing or selling you the wrong product. Simply because they do not promote one single loan product or a particular company.

The user experience of the site is exceptionally good to say the least and you can go through the entire process in a matter of minutes. Last but not the least, unlike a typical personal loan application, you need not take off from your work or wait for the bank to open. With bankbazaar you can apply for a citibank personal loan online anytime of the day and they have 24/7 customer service.