Troubleshooting EPF Related Errors With The UAN HelpDesk

For the convenience of employees working in organizations across India, the Employees Provident Fund Organization has set up a special UAN Helpdesk. This online portal that is available on the EPFO website will allow employees to resolve multiple EPF related issues online.

1. EPFO-UAN-portal

The EPFO has introduced the UAN or Universal Account Number to solve a majority of provident fund related issues that employees commonly face. The UAN is a 12 digit number that is given to every salaried employee by their employer. With this UAN, employees can link all their varied PF accounts which they have held with present and past organizations under one account for ease of withdrawal, transfer and claim.

2. EPF-UAN-online-helpdesk-EPF-member-subscriber-pic

The UAN HelpDesk has been set up to assist employees with any issues they may be having with their EPF account. There are certain issues which one can resolve with the help of the UAN HelpDesk. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. What Is My UAN

The UAN is a 12 digit number that is provided to all members by the EPFO. You can find out your UAN Number by placing a request with the UAN HelpDesk.

3. EPF-UAN-Heldesk-register-your-issue-pic

  1. Incorrect Details – Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, date of Joining

Employees can place a request for a change of personal details such as their own name, father’s name, their date of birth or date of joining an organization, if the same has been incorrectly recorded at the time of enrolling.

  1. Passbook Problem

If you are facing any issues with regards to your EPF Passbook, you can resolve the same by visiting the UAN HelpDesk.

4. EPF-UAN-online-Heldesk-how-to-update-new-mobile-number-how-to-get-new-UAN-login-password-pic

  1. SMS Not Received during UAN Activation

In case the employee has not received any SMS from EPFO at the time of activating their UAN number, they can rectify the same by visiting the UAN HelpDesk and add their mobile number for future correspondence.

5. EPF-UAN-Heldesk-incorrect-name-father-name-dob-doj-details-correction-pic

  1. Details Not Matching During UAN Activation

This is one of the more commonly occurring errors for EPF members where they are unable to activate their UAN due to a discrepancy in the details entered. This issue can be resolved by visiting the UAN HelpDesk and submitting a request.

  1. KYC Pending With Employer

If a member has their KYC or UAN linking pending to be completed  with their employer, they can request for it to be done via the HelpDesk.



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