How You Can Correct EPFO Details Online & Offline

As employees or employers, most of us are familiar with terms such as Provident Fund (PF) and UAN (Universal Account Number) which regularly may figure on our pay slips or at times when we have begun working in a new organization. Provident Fund or more commonly known as PF or EPF (Employees Provident Fund) is basically a retirement benefit scheme which is applicable to all individuals working as salaried employees. It is basically a portion that is deducted from your salary which is put away in a Provident Fund which can be used by the employee in times of need or even upon retirement. UAN is a 12 digit Universal Account Number which is allotted to all employed/salaried individuals by the EPFO (employees Provident Fund Organization).


When switching jobs, individuals can either choose to withdraw their PF balance or transfer the same to the new organization with the help of the UAN. However, if the details entered in the EPF account may be incorrect, employees may face issues or be unable to withdraw of transfer their balance.

However, observing that the error of incorrect information, such as the employee’s name, father’s name, date of birth or date of joining, being entered in the employee’s EPF account can cause problems in times of need, provisions have now been made so that employees can easily change such crucial details online on the EPFO website or by visiting the EPFO branch office in their city. The EPFO website is currently in the process of bringing several services which were otherwise available only at the branch office, to their online website.

Correction of EPF Related Details Online

Several employees have faced the trouble of not being able to withdraw their PF amounts because their details such as a parent’s name, date of birth or date of joining an organization were incorrectly entered in their EPF account. For correction of any EPF related details, you must have access to your UAN portal where you can login and view your UAN account. Once you have logged in to your UAN account, you can change your password, change your mobile number or email ID on which you would like to receive correspondence about EPF related information and requests.

However, if you have forgotten your UAN login ID and password, you will have to get in touch with the UAN Helpdesk on the UAN EPFO Portal.

UAN Helpdesk Portal

The UAN Helpdesk Portal has been introduced to resolve various commonly occurring problems or issues which employees are most likely to face relating to their EPFO accounts. To register a issue, customers can navigate to the EPFO website and go to the UAN Help Desk Portal Tab. One there, you need to click on the ‘Member’ tab, following which you will be re-directed to a new page. After you have logged in to your EPF account, the new page that has opened on your browser will display your UAN number along with a drop down menu from which you can select the problem you are facing. The issues which you can resolve from this portal include:

  1. Generate your UAN Number in case you do not remember the existing one.
  2. You do not remember your password and have changed your mobile phone number due to which you cannot generate an OTP and login to the UAN portal.
  3. If personal details such as your father’s name, date of joining, date of birth, etc. have been incorrectly entered.
  4. During UAN activation, the details entered are not matching.
  5. You want to check the claim status of your PF Transfer or EPS.
  6. You want to check the status of liking your UAN Number with your EPF account.
  7. Your KYC is not yet complete with your employer.
  8. Any other issue which you wish to rectify.

Once you click on the specific problem, you will be asked to generate an OTP that will be sent to the mobile number which you have registered with your EPF account. Once the OTP has been successfully accepted by the website, you will get a reference ID for the request which you have placed. You will also get a message on your registered mobile number with the reference ID of the request and you will be contacted shortly by the EPF department with the solution to your issue.

For example, you want to change the details regarding your joining date changed which has been entered incorrectly in your EPF account. One you have put in your request, you will get a message on the screen with the reference ID of your request. You will also get a message on your registered mobile number with the reference number for your request and that the EPFO will contact your shortly.

While the UAN portal can help you find out and resolve multiple commonly occurring problems, the website is still under transition and may not offer an online solution to all your EPF related issues. In this case, you are advised to contact your employer who may be able to assist you with the process of detail correction.

Correction of EPF Related Details Offline

Employees can also get the correction of their EPF details done offline. Corrections such as change of name, change of father’s or spouse’s name, change in date of birth, change in date of joining or leaving an organization or change in address can be carried out offline. Following are the loose steps involved in resolving some of the aforementioned EPFO related details offline.

1. Change of Name

To get your name changed in your EPF account, you will need to submit an application, providing all the necessary documents, through your employer. The documents which you may be required to furnish may include your PAN card, Passport, Driving Licence, Voter ID Card, ESIC ID Card, Aadhaar Card, Ration Card, copy of bank or post office passbook, academic certificate, copy of your utility bills (water, electricity, telephone that is in your name), etc.

2. Change of Father’s or Spouse’s Name

The procedure for change of father’s or spouse’s name is similar to that of name change. The documents required in this case may be different. However, the process followed I the same and you will have to submit the application, along with the necessary documents to the EPFO Field Office.

3.   Change in Date of Birth

The procedure for change in date of birth of the employee is also similar to that of name change. The documents required in this case may be different. However, the process followed is the same and you will have to submit the application, along with the necessary documents to the EPFO Field Office.

4. Change in Date of Joining / Leaving

For this too the procedure followed is the same as the previous request. Documents required may be different and will need to be submitted along with the correct form to the EPFO office through the employer.

5. Change of Address

The option to change details of your address is not available on the portal. The same can currently only be changed at the time of withdrawing or transferring your PF. You will need to provide your address proof for this.

Problems which May Arise Due To Incorrect Details in EPF

Errors in EPF account details occur quite commonly and people may often also tend to ignore resolving them immediately. However, these very errors can become the cause of a lot of frustration when hinder your PF transfer or withdrawal.

Once you have submitted all the required documents and forms through your employer to the concerned EPFO Field office, you must ensure that you keep track of the status of your request. This is necessary to avoid a repeated error in the recording of your details. Entering or incorrect details in your EPF can raise many other problems besides the difficulty in withdrawal or transfer. Ensure that your EPF account details entered are correct while you are still working with the organization rather than when you have left it.Some of the other problems are:

  • Your form may be rejected if your details have been misspelt or entered incorrectly in the EPF records at the time of enrolling.
  • It is important that your date of joining is mentioned correctly for accurate calculation of the EPF contribution and also for EPS Pension. Withdrawal of PF is free of tax after a period of 5 years.
  • You can face trouble during the claim process if the details of your nominee are not mentioned correctly. If the EPF member is getting married, they must update their nominee details as well.

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